Wafood Made Face Wash 170G 2 Types

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Sake Lees: The profits of our well-known sake lees skincare each day. This is a short foam face wash. It contains oryza sativa (rice) lees extract created from sake lees at the kawazu brewery in Kumamoto prefecture. The creamy and puffy bubbles brings together with an oryza sativa (rice) powder rinse to cleanse pores and dullness, giving you smoother and whiter skin. What's more frequently, carefully-selected ingredients for beautiful skin support are incorporated into abundance, passing on to you with moisturized skin. Beautiful skin support: cucumis sativus (cucumber) fruit extract, rice ceramides and also citrus junos seed extract. Tofu: Get smooth and fine-textured skin. This is a non-foaming face laundry product which usually can feel just like an affluent tofu. Uses soy milk from Tsubakiya, a tofu retailer in Hiroshima Prefecture. It is manufactured from non-genetically-modified soy beans grown in Japan and soaked in water from Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture. The ultimate product is adjustment-free soy milk made with mashed soy beans - skins, embryos, and all. Soybean isoflavones, an important ingredient to pulling in soy milk, is able to moisturize skin for just a far more supple feel. In addition, it provides minerals from bittern parts within the ocean waters of Muroto, Kochi Prefecture. This face area cleansing product in addition contains saponin from plant-based antiseptic ingredients, skin structure support, skin-firming seaweed extract. These substances work every single day to support fine-textured skin. The way to use: After wetting your face area, apply the proper volume (2-3 cm) onto your hand. Combine with water until foam kinds, and then wash your face. Wash away well with water.

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