Easy Remove Quick Lash Curler 01 Clear White

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Most suitable lasting curl, for lashes that collected't droop. Our hugely well known Quick Lash Curler is you can buy in a easy get rid of system. Very simple comes off with water which is warm. Boosts lash curl & keeps it in its place. Keeps lashes seeming perky for hours on end. Great for those who actually have problems with stubbornly downward-pointing lashes & curl droop. Stands up to water, sweat, tears, humidity & sebum. Watertight formulation is tremendously resistant to water, shredding, sweat & humidity. Unwilling to sebum, preventing your mascara from bleeding onto your eyelids. Including beaytifying agents. Sodium hyaluronate (moisturizing agent). The way to use: As a basic. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. Apply this unique system with a sweeping motion up from the beginnings of your lashes. Put on your normal mascara. Useful if your mascara is likely to weigh your lashes down.

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