Pure Natural Essence Lotion Uv Spf 4 Refill 200Ml

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The one post-face wash product or service you require. A skin solution and milky, nourishing lotion that in addition offers you UV protection. Your skin will be really hydrated with the penetrating moisture-keeping system. It treats down to your pores. The facial skin lotion's moisture content enters down to your pores, while the milky lotion helps to keep your skin hydrated on the area for a lasting, moisture-locking impact. Moisturizing ingredients - soluble collagen, sodium hyaluronate, royal jelly extract. Non-scented, simply no artificial coloring. The way to use: After cleansing your face in the morning and at night, set an appropriate volume of essence (about the measurements of a quarter) into your hand plus gently massage it onto your face. You can make use of this on the rest of yourself as well as your face.

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